Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

A Mother Nature’s gift to us, each and every piece of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is a unique piece of art formed by nature over 250 million years ago- mined and hand chiseled from the Khewra Salt Mines- Jhelum District, Punjab, Pakistan. Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp are commonly recommended as a natural air purifier that works with the environment to produce negative ions. The soothing warm glow of a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp makes it an excellent light source perfect for any dark environment that requires a soothing healthy light.

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We sell only Himalayan Salt Lamp & Himalayan Salt Products direct from Pakistan.

Himalayan Salt Chunks and Scrubs

Himalayan Salt Bricks / Candle Holder /  Tequila Shot Glass  / Cooking Slabs 


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Singapore’s 1st Himalayan Rock Salt Room

Opening 2019

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Benefits of

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Great as a night light
Perfect for yoga room, spa room, massage room
Removes odour
Removes humidity
Reduces sinus problems
Reduces migraine, stress & allergy problems
Eliminates air borne bacteria and germs
Improves sleep, air quality and immune system
Reduces electromagnetic fields (EMFs) / radiation


Commonly known as a Natural Air Purifier. 

Recommended for FengShui by FengShui Practitioners.

Recommended for cleansing, ridding of negativity energy and space clearing.

Why choose us?

Our Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps are authentic and direct from Pakistan.

Please ask to see our certificate of origin! This is a document to prove that the item imported is indeed from Pakistan!

We are located in Singapore which means you do not have to worry about receiving a broken salt lamp.

We provide warranty!