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What is Himalayan Rock Salt

Himalayan Salt is a form of halite also commonly known as Rock Salt from Pakistan which is the mineral form of sodium chloride (NaCI). Containing 84 minerals- Himalayan Salt is considered the purest salt because the salt is mined at extremely high altitudes, where there is little traces of pollution or even environmentally compromised materials in the air.
Some other names for Himalayan Salt include Rock Salt, Pink Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, or Himalayan Crystal Salt, Salt of Life and King of Salt.

Where is Himalayan Rock Salt from?

This mineral rich salt is mined from the second largest mine in the world, called the Khewra Salt Mines which is located in the beautiful Himalayan Mountain Range- Jhelum District, Punjab, Pakistan- 945 feet (288 meters) above sea level.

Khewra city situated about 200 kilometres (124 miles) from Islamabad and 245 kilometres (152 miles) from the city of Lahore is famous for having world’s second largest salt mines (Khewra Salt Mines) which is located in the District Jhelum of province Punjab, Pakistan.