#Wide Selection #Honest & Reliable #Since 2015

We specialise in selling Himalayan Salt Products since 2015 and house one of the biggest selection of Himalayan salt products in Singapore. 

Besides salt lamps, we sell a huge variety of salt products including- Salt slabs, Salt bricks, Salt massage stones, Salt Block for cooking, Fine Himalayan salt, Coarse Himalayan salt, Himalayan salt chunks and many more.

We pride ourselves as being honest in sharing with customers about what we know about salt lamps. 

#Quality Assurance #1 Year Warranty

We are extremely confident of the salt lamps we sell, after all we have been in the business for 6 years now. 

This is why we provide a 1 years warranty on the base- should your base still not work after you have replaced a new bulb- just bring the base back to us- the repair is free. 

We are the only seller in Singapore that provides a 1 year warranty on the salt lamp base!

#Direct from Pakistan.

We only sell Himalayan salt lamps and salt products directly imported from Pakistan.

Also, we have been working with the same supplier to ensure the best consistent quality of our Himalayan salt lamps and salt products- our Fair Trade supplier has only high expectations for only best quality productions.