Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Sizes available:
1.4 KG to 100.0 KG

Prices starts from $28.00

What is in the box:

– An authentic hand made natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp
– 1x wire cord
– 1x bulb holder
– 1x 15 watt light bulb
– 1x Hand carved Marble Base

Quality Assurance!

1year warranty for repair of base.

14 days warranty 1 to 1 base exchange.

Pay only for the weight of your salt lamp!

We do not include the weight of marble base!
(Which is approximately 0.3 – 0.5 KG)

Weight indicated is the weight of salt lamp only!
We do not charge for the weight of the marble base.

To make a purchase- 

Please visit our shop at The Citron

1 Marne Road #01-36 Singapore 208380

We are open by appointment between 1-6pm.

Alternatively, you can WhatsApp us your order at +65 9899 9911.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp
Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Our bulbs

Since we started selling salt lamps in 2015- we only provide bulbs of the highest quality which are Made In Hungary. These bulbs are long lasting, safe to use and extremely reliable. Our bulbs will last for at least 6 months and in most cases 18 months.

Our base

All our marble base are hand finished in Pakistan. And each marble base is assembled in Singapore- we wire each marble base and Quality Check each base for Safety & Quality Assurance.

Our Salt lamps

All our products are direct from Pakistan.
All natural- what our supplier mines and sends, we sell.
Each piece is unique and special, we welcome customers to drop by our shop to pick up!

1 Year Warranty-

We are confident of the salt lamp we sell and the marble base we provide- which is why we provide a 1 year warranty. In the event your salt lamp is not working even after you change a new bulb, bring the base back to us and we will repair it for you.

Please note- Do not be mislead

3 pin plug does not make your salt lamp or marble base safer as every salt lamp holder only require 2 wires and does not have an earth wire.

3 pin plugs are for electrical appliances that have a metal body that requires grounding to prevent electrocution in the event of a short circuit. If you look at the printers or television in your home- they are probably using a 2 pin plug.

Our salt lamp does not have any exposed metal thus there is there is no risk of coming in contact with a metal-body. Therefore, a two–pin plug suffices.

Please read this by Enterprise Singapore

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Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

To make a purchase- 

Please visit our shop

The Citron.  1 Marne Road 01-36 Singapore 208380

5 min walk away from Farrer Park MRT station.

Alternatively, you can WhatsApp us your order at +65 9899 9911